The works of american artist Felicity Papp.

Modern Figuratism in Oil, Acrylics and Mixed Media.
Paintings, Drawings and Assemblage.

The works of german based painter Felicity Papp are associated with the "modern realist", or "new realist" movement.  The artist herself describes her paintings as "modern figuratism".

Felicity Papp is an american artist living in germany. She lived in 19 different places in the U.S. prior to leaving America for Europe in 1998.
She studied art in Chicago and Florence, Italy before she settled in Germany where she is currently living and working.

Some of the works of the internationally exhibited artist can be seen here at 
The website does not provide a gallery of all her works - rather it aims to inform about some of the artist's work series, as well as to give an overview of her exhibitions.
The German version of this web site can be accessed at:

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