"equipoise", 2006, flyer for the exhibition


workseries from 2006,
consisting of 15 paintings & four drawings

from the press text (translated from german):

  The monochromatic female nudes, whose silent presence is pulling the viewer into its spell, seem to move somewhere in between photo-realism and impressionism.  The figures with their stylized poses appear as if they were not painted onto the canvas but rather emerge from from it, in parts the contours dissolving in order to merge with the background.  .

  Embedded into the flowing structure of the background the viewer finds blueprints and construction plans of historic military machinery.  The planes, machine guns and bombs express a curious state of removement from their conceptional purpose.  Closer examination reveals that they originate from the same era as the female nudes draped over them.

  The two-dimensionality of the canvas is thoroughly pierced by the bird motives, all captured in mid-flight, that are detached from the background and removed from both the human figures and the objects of destruction.

  Half covered by the partly flowing, partly shadow casting color structures of the background that covers the crisp shapes of the blueprints, these objects appear consumed by the flux of time.
  Their presence - as un-avoidable as the validity of their concept - seems to be subjected to willful forgetting.  This act of denial in all its different forms can be seen in the faces of the women, which are only half caught in the background of their time.
  Almost dreamily these figures are holding on to their three-dimensionality, as if they were trying to escape the context of their era.
  The birds are displaying an ever higher degree of disconnection from the causality of the background.  Their sharply expressed shapes seem like an acceptance of the nature of their existance in the same sense as the liquifying contours of the female figures seem like a testament to the refusal of humans to accept the nature of their existance.

  The word "equipoise" describes a state of balance that, exceeding scientific causalities, includes aspects of moral, political or social nature.  The term describes balance as a result of active counterbalancing.



A large part of the cycle can be seen at the Online Gallery (Flash required)

The work series was first presented to the public in 2006 at the HOF-Galerie, the biggest Art Gallery on Sylt.
15 paintings, split between two galleries: the main gallery in Morsum and the Dependance in Keitum.

HOF-Galerie Morsum
Serkwai 1
25980 Morsum/Sylt

HOF-Galerie Keitum
Museumsweg 1
25980 Keitum/Sylt