"Carolina", 2010, Charcoal, Pastel & Spray Paint on paper

"Family ties"

work series in progress

from the press text (translated from german):

  Values such as family and tradition have become anachronisms, which have no place in our lifes or heads.
  Family means control, tradition means discipline. Both express the desire for consensus, both are removed from reality.
reigns - even in the heads of those who claim to cling to those values.

The pictures which served as for this series of work series were lost & founds: seized from trash and auctions; discarded and robbed of their context by those people, whose cry for consensus



"Family ties" is a series in progress.
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October 21st - October 24th, 2010

"Consensus, Nonsense" - UAMO Festival 2010 - Munich, Germany
5th international Art Festival - UAMO art association

UAMO e.V. - Urban Art & Media Organization
Thalkirchnerstr. 45, 80337 Muenchen, Germany

Exhibition Space:
Puerto Giesing, Tegenseer Landstr. 64
1900 m2 exhibition + workshops, readings, performances


2010 - 2011

"INDA 5" International Drawing Annual 5 - Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center
5th annual exhibit-in-print, Manifest Press

Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center - Manifest Press
2727 Woodburn Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45206

$20 Softcover & $35 Casebound Hardcover available for purchase starting Februar from Manifest Gallery, Amazon.com and booksellers in the U.S.