'Ornithology' - flyer for the exhibition
"Ornithology", 2005, flyer for the opening


workseries from 2005,
consisting of 15 paintings and four assemblage boxes

  Bird wings, merging into clusters, are dominating the majority of the paintings.  The bird motives serve as a metaphor for the themes of migration and integration.  The un-ordered structures of the abstracted background become a projection plane for the emotional context of the image.

From the presstext about the works "OIII" und "OIV":
(translated from german)

  A nest with golden eggs - representational for the idealized, domestic vision of "home" - hangs statically in the air, while a merging cluster of different bird species hovers next to it.
  The migratory character of the different, not clearly distinguishable birds is a metaphor for living in a world whose territorial and cultural borders are increasingly less defined.

  Home has become an unbound, drifting concept - something universally striven for, which becomes attainable only if the definition of this de-rooted ideal is altered accordingly.
  In order to constitute a continued anchor point for the individual and provide a place of familiarity and refuge, the term transforms and is removed from it's once static character.

  The works of the "Ornithology" series seek to to create the emotional visualization of a fleeting moment: change as a new overshadowing constant in a world that is being defined by the metamorphic state it creates as it emphasizes the context of progression.